We Are a Movement.


/’prōdǝ, hak/

1. Global events that help people with amazing ideas get the mentorship, training, and validation they need so that they can further pursue them as real-world businesses.

2. A social concept that represents empowerment of everyday people to pursue their business ideas and entrepreneurship with other like-minded individuals.

3. An organization that facilitates ’protohacks’ and manages the largest community of early-stage business prototyping individuals in the world.

Bringing bright ideas to life. One at a time.

50+ ProtoHacks in 23 cities and 11 countries across the world. What have we learned? That there is no shortage of awesome ideas in this world.

ProtoHack is a group of adventurers, dreamers and conceptualists who have successfully transitioned from wantrepreneurs to bona fide entrepreneurs.

United by their shared struggles in business and bringing a great idea to life, ProtoHack is a culmination of those shared experiences—both good and bad—and a carefully crafted experience that gives anyone with a good idea and an ounce of ambition the platform upon which to do something with it.