Author: Annee Ngo

Why ProtoHack Dubai? – Written by Adrian Jonklaas

Original Medium post available here. “But why do you want to build an accessibility tool to evaluate websites and then provide a fix?” I asked the entrepreneur sitting in front of me. “Existing web accessibility tools, treat the visually impaired like they are mentally handicapped,” the recent immigrant shares with a thick accent. His team […]

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Prototype First, Code Second

A look into the importance of prototyping over coding.  Prototyping has become more popular in the recent years as non-technical entrepreneurs are rising up out of the shadows and starting to understand that they have the ability to have ideas and create functioning prototypes without having to code a single line. As a non-technical entrepreneur […]

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The Importance of Mentorship & How to Obtain Your First One

As we’ve been interviewing successful founders of startups, I keep noticing a recurring theme. Mentors. They all have mentors, and they attribute much of their success to them. Mentors are an elusive species in the nature of life, love, and the pursuit of entrepreneurship. Seriously, though – most people don’t know they need a mentor […]

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Top 50 Non-Technical Founders in Technology

Regardless of a recent Gallup Poll suggesting that American entrepreneurship is dead, I believe quite the opposite. Yes, we rank 12th in the world for entrepreneurship, and more businesses are closing than opening, but that doesn’t mean the spirit of entrepreneurship is dead by any means. At the end of 2013 entrepreneurship increased by 14% in […]

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