Ambassadors for Ideas.

These are the faces that make each and every ProtoHack event a success. Determination and passion mixed with long hours of promotion, marketing and networking—these guys are the reason we'll have hosted in every major city by the end of 2016.

Amos Schorr

Regional Director for North America / Mexico

New York City Director

“Entrepreneurship is what will save the world, and learning the ideas behind prototyping makes for a more effective entrepreneur”

I'm a storyteller with a thirst for impact and an obsession with customer development. I love running events to evangelize ideas that can change the world. When I'm not at an event or on the phone, you can find me playing guitar or baking the best damn brownies in the universe.

Danilo Correia

Regional Director for Brasil

Vancouver City Director

“I want to see entrepreneurs in Brazil succeed.”

Entrepreneur, digital marketing consultant, photography enthusiast, interested in history and technology.

Anuj Chopra

Regional Director For India

“I love the idea of code free hackathon which gives anyone who dreams about startup and doesn't know where to start from a great opportunity to succeed in their career path”

I grew up in India and started traveling around the world as a commercial pilot at the age of 19. I live in beautiful Vancouver now where I started my IT company which develops websites and apps.

Byung Min Sa

San Francisco

“I want to keep the dream going!!”

A recruiter in the life sciences industry, I do magic and love to entertain!

Tara Reed


“I'm passionate about emerging tech in Detroit, and helping non-technical entrepreneurs prototype and build their apps without writing code.”

I'm a non-technical founder building software without writing code. I help other non-technical folks build apps, launch startups, and grow online businesses through my company,

Andrea Romoli


“I want to help professional people without technical, coding skill to have the opportunity to realize a prototype to their idea”

I am involved in the Milano startup ecosystem organizing events like Lean Startup Machine workshop, ProtoHack and Mashable Social Media Day; I am also a Community Manager for some startups project.

Brener Sena

Belo Horizonte

“I believe that entrepreneurship transforms lives and the stories with it, it is possible to create a healthier, more integrated and collaborative society.”

Passionate about technology and entrepreneurship. I am curious by nature and due to knowledge. TV series, books and good music are my hobbies!

Elena Mazzali


“Create mockups of their business idea is essential. Along with validation, are the first crucial steps to act on the market immediately”

I am a consultant in marketing and communication for events, brand and startup. With specialization for the food and wine industry. After several experiences with major brands, bring my background for help to those starting a new business idea from scratch.

Anselm D’Souza


“Few pursuits are as noble as entrepreneurship in my mind, for it is the embodiment of freedom.”

I'm a bit of a Renaissance Man, with a passion for entrepreneurship and innovation. I love a good conversation and will happily talk about anything from philosophy to politics, and business to technology. When not busy with work I like to travel, having been to 25 countries and counting.

Adrian Jonklaas

Dubai, UAE

“Winning ProtoHack was a bonus. After building a prototype in a day with a highly motivated team, what I really took home was an amazing sense of empowerment that I could do anything I set my mind to - even in the technical sphere, which I had stepped out of 15 years ago.”

After the dotcom bust, I had to (temporarily) give up my dotcom dreams and transition into a career of finance and real estate. Having achieved success in business, now I’m loving my second chance at being a tech entrepreneur working on multiple projects as a founding advisor and consultant.

Ricardo Queiroz


“I believe in technology as a bridge to transform the country we live in.”

Creator of the communication portal Amplifique-se and passionate about communication and the power of transformation the Internet possesses, lover of the cold weather and beer.

Since 2006 I work as web designer, but in recent years I've been exploring the offline market, this helped me to have a 360 vision of the whole creative process of my work. I run away from the routine and comfort zone.

Tyler West


“Creativity is the one infinite resource. I love helping other people get in touch with their inner genius and bring their ideas to life.”

I am a natural born entrepreneur, student of marketing and sometimes activist. Creative people are my tribe. Most of the things I enjoy doing might appear to be work – except for maybe drinking wine.

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