Ambassadors for Ideas.

These are the faces that make each and every ProtoHack event a success. Determination and passion mixed with long hours of promotion, marketing and networking—these guys are the reason we'll have hosted in every major city by the end of 2016.

Ritika Rakshit


City Director

Ritika is project management aficionado, having worked on a diverse array of teams that range from a remote 3-person healthcare startup to the provincial government. She is currently in Operations for Canada's biggest biotechnology company, STEMCELL Technologies. She leads our most robust community in Vancouver. Self identified as a Third Culture Kid, she takes good coffee and good coffee very seriously.

Mariam Walaa


Director of Events

Mariam is passionate about working at the edge to use technology to improve education, building strong communities and solving problems creatively. Mariam joined ProtoHack as a Director of Events, where she leads innovation challenges that enable entrepreneurs to bring their ideas to life through design thinking and prototyping. Prior to ProtoHack, she was a Marketing Assistant at NEXT Canada, where she leveraged marketing strategy to source, recruit and advance Canada's top young talent through world-class education, capital, and mentorship within the Next 36, NextAI and Next Founders programs.

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