#DrivingWinTech Community Activation Vancouver

October 21, 2018

Bench (545 Robson St, Vancouver)


Test drive the largest set of qualitative data on women in tech in Canada

Last year, during Driving WinTech’s research tour, tech professionals and influencers spoke up in communities spanning 30+ communities across all provinces and Yukon. And they were confident that the recommendations revealed in #DrivingWinTech Community Conversations would affect actionable change in each of their thriving regions. The time for action is now!

On October 3, Women in Tech World will proudly release the findings from our Driving WinTech research tour. You shared your stories and recommendations in safe spaces, joining over 1,500+ voices nationwide, now is your chance to design programming and tools that will impact women in tech in your community. Using the data, experiences, and voices from Canada’s Gender Equity Roadmap, it’s time to work together to be the change for women in tech across the nation.

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About the Event: #DrivingWinTech Community Activation Vancouver

In partnership with ProtoHack, the Community Activation in Vancouver will put the right people in the same room to brainstorm, conceive of and build programming, tools, or both. Participants will engage with peers, learn from esteemed mentors, and test drive the largest set of qualitative data on women in tech in Canada.

Following this collaborative session:

  • The top three teams will be provided with resources to launch their initiatives in their region
    • In-kind prizes worth up to CAD$10,000 will be awarded to these top teams, and includes development work
  • In-kind prizes of up to CAD$200 will be awarded to each participant (includes extended access to prototyping tools)

With the data we’ve collected and analysed, we encourage participants to transform ideas into programming, tools, or both.

About DrivingWinTech and Women in Tech World (WiTWorld) Team

Women in Tech World (WiTWorld) is a grassroots organization that is dedicated to creating community-driven plans and educational programming to support and advance women in tech. The 100% volunteer-run nonprofit has members from leading tech companies like Microsoft, award-winning startup advisory firms like Volition Advisors, and STEM-related backgrounds like engineering and fintech. In fall 2017, WiTWorld led an initiative called Driving WinTech, a community-based research tour to collect qualitative data on the experiences of women in tech across Canada. Nine weeks, 31 Community Conversations, and 1,500+ voices later, the team has built the largest qualitative data set on women in tech in Canada to date. With this data, WiTWorld is developing Canada’s Gender Equity Roadmap and Discovery Foundation’s Driving WinTech: The Study of Women in Tech in B.C., with key recommendations to be published in fall 2018. We envision women and girls having equal opportunities within the tech industry world-wide.

Speakers & Judges

Lorie Corcuera



Co-Founder & CEO

Bonnie Powell



Director of People

Kristin Eberth



VP Marketing

Paul Brassard



Managing Partner

Alberto Alvarez

Produc Mentor


Platform Engineer

Shirley Shi

Product Mentor


iOS Developer

Shelley Chen

Product Mentor


Cofounder & CDO

Anna Chan

Pitch Mentor



Laura Fortey

Pitch Mentor

Reitium Blockchain Technologies

Co-Founder & CMO

Tara Clark

Pitch Mentor

Social T


Jo Vinayagam

Workshop Host


UX Design Specialist


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