OpenED NYC: Demo Day

April 15, 2018, 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM

NYU Media and Games Network (MAGNET), 2 MetroTech Center, 8th Floor, Brooklyn, NY 11201


Have an idea that’s going to revolutionize the future of work and learning?

OpenED is an innovation challenge to prototype, refine and pitch solutions to reimagine the future of work and learning. Showcase your prototype and fuel your growth by meeting renowned mentors and investors who are passionate about helping you grow. Prove your business potential by pitching to angel, VC and corporate investors, as well as industry professionals and education leaders.

This is an opportunity for all students, educators and aspiring entrepreneurs.



Sunday, April 15, 2018

  • 9:00am: Sign-in + Breakfast
  • 9:15am: ProtoHack Welcome
  • 9:30am: Teaming Up
  • 10:00am: Design Thinking Workshop
  • 12:00pm: Lunch
  • 1:00pm: Mentorship Sessions
  • 5:00pm: Dinner
  • 7:30pm: Pitch Submission
  • 8:00pm: Final Pitches
  • 9:00pm: Winner Announcements


How it Works

Over the course of 12 hours:

1) Form a team: network and collaborate with like-minded people who will help you bring the idea to life
2) Ideate and brainstorm: think up every crazy idea possible, collaborate, and narrow it down
3) Prepare a business plan: identify the problem you’re solving, who your customer is, and how to monetize
4) Design a prototype: visually communicate your solution through a working prototype using some of the best tools in the industry
5) Get mentorship: meet with industry experts to help you with your pitch, business model, and design
6) Prepare a presentation: you’ll have up to 10 slides and 90 seconds to showcase the work you’ve done in the last 12 hours
7) Pitch to a panel of judges: notable founders who can help validate your idea


About ProtoHack

ProtoHack exists to show entrepreneurs that they can create something amazing from nothing without having to write a single line of code. We empower and enable the non-technical community with the tools, knowledge, and know-how that will help bring their idea to life and visually communicate it through prototyping.

ProtoHack requires no coding. Instead, you’ll be using prototyping tools, drag and drop editors, mockups, wireframes and anything else you think of to visually demo your idea on stage. Competitors will work in teams (up to 5) or solo.

ProtoHack is a 12-hour experience where you will build a prototype that communicates an idea visually. During ProtoHack you’ll learn how to use the best prototyping tools in the industry, network with like-minded people with various backgrounds, become a better product person, and receive access to prototype tools, learning communities, and other prizes just for attending (up to $300-400 value!)

Still not convinced? Check out our FAQ, read more about how it works, or contact us.


Speakers & Judges

Kevin Young

Design Mentor


UX Designer

Maja Vujinovic




Sabba Nazhand



Director of Sales

Zvia Schoenberg


Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship

Director (New York Metro)

John Benton

Industry Mentor

New York University


Carolyn H. Strom

Industry Mentor

NYU Steinhardt

Visiting Professor of Early Childhood Literacy

Kartapurkh Khalsa

Pitch Mentor


Sales Manager

Becca Garrison

Pitch Mentor


Director of School Partnerships

Jose Garcia

Pitch Mentor


NY Ambassador

Maryam Daryabegi

Design Mentor


Founder/Managing Director

Eric Smith

Design Mentor

Johnson & Johnson

UX Designer/Developer

Dani Kennedy

Design Mentor


Senior UX/Design Lead

Anu Jayasinghe

Design Mentor


Product Designer

Allie Toussaint

Design Mentor

Scapade App

UX Designer

Lucy Hwang

Workshop Host


Digital Designer


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