This is how ProtoHack works.

So you have a great idea...

Our events connect people with great ideas with mentors and industry professionals with experience.

But what's next?

This is where most budding entrepreneurs get stuck. It's easy to envision the end results of your great idea—a growing company, a trending product line, a hit mobile app—but a lot harder to figure out all the steps in-between A and Z.

Enter ProtoHack

Our events take place in cities aroud the world to help entrepreneurs bring their ideas to life and overcome their biggest challenge to success—Getting Started.

From San Fran to Milan.

23 Cities

8 Countries

10,000+ Attendees

50+ Events in 2016

Attending a ProtoHack

4 Ways We Make Your Idea a Viable Business Concept

1. Mentorship

Connect with people who have been there and done that. Share your idea with software engineers, business professionals and industry experts and get structured feedback and insights.

2. Evolution

Further flesh out your idea and solifiy what it does exactly and the problem it solves. Learn more about product-market fit and where your idea lies in the grander scheme of things.

3. Prototyping

Put your idea to paper and learn how to visually communicate your idea as if it were a real business—strategy, plan, vision and all.

4. Pitching

Put your fully formed idea to the test with a pitch session in front of ProtoHack judges who'll evaluate and score your pitch and your fully formed business idea.


/’prōdǝ, hak/

1. Global events that help people with amazing ideas get the mentorship, training, and validation they need so that they can further pursue them as real-world businesses.

2. A social concept that represents empowerment of everyday people to pursue their business ideas and entrepreneurship with other like-minded individuals.

3. An organization that facilitates ’protohacks’ and manages the largest community of early-stage business prototyping individuals in the world.

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