Ambassadors for Ideas.

Our mentors include developers, project managers, marketing execs and growth hackers who make ideas come true for a living.

Sian Simpson

Kiwi Landing Pad

Global Community Manager

Sian Simpson is the Global Community Manager of the Kiwi Landing Pad in San Francisco where she helping promote New Zealand-based technology to the world. In the past two years she has worked with thousands of NZ businesses to tirelessly grow the NZ tech community in the United States to 3,000+ members. Sian is obsessed with digital technology and social content and continuously stays at forefront of the mobile movement. The Massey University graduate is a self-proclaimed global citizen visiting many countries a year studying communities and the impact of technology and investments. She is also a video content strategist and interviewer for media, technology and startup clients whom she works with in the US.

Mark Stanton

Speak Fearlessly


Mark Stanton helps entrepreneurs quickly eliminate their fear of public speaking. He brings over 25 years of experience in speaking and performing, along with his training in psychology through his Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology, he utilizes cutting-edge therapeutic techniques to “hack their brains” and public speaking training so they can speak with confidence.

Julia Beauchamp

Magnetic Speaking


Julia has been described as, “warm”, “loving”, “refreshing” and “alive”! With over 2500 hours of performance and facilitation experience, Julia knows what it takes to captivate a room and have an impact.

Julia has over 10,000 hours of professional training in performance, voice and speaking over the past 15 years. She has a B.A. in Acting from Emerson College and studied at the internationally renowned physical theater training institute, The Grotowski Center, in Poland. She is a WholeSpeak certified public-speaking coach and a certified Big Impact Speaker through Mark Grainger and Shannon Law. She’s taught yoga and voice internationally and currently tours to offer workshops and trainings across the country.

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