Prototype First, Code Second

A look into the importance of prototyping over coding. 

Prototyping has become more popular in the recent years as non-technical entrepreneurs are rising up out of the shadows and starting to understand that they have the ability to have ideas and create functioning prototypes without having to code a single line. As a non-technical entrepreneur I have used prototyping as a way to flush out ideas that I’ve had for apps regardless of it being a web or mobile application.

This past week I had the opportunity to speak with a few VC firms during SXSW in Austin and one I had talked to told me that he prefers those who don’t code because their ideas are generally flushed out more effectively and they understand the customer, market, and how to fund their idea in a more efficient manner. Prototyping a MVP gives the entrepreneur a few advantages that they wouldn’t have if they jumped right into coding their next big idea.

5 Reasons to Start Prototyping Before Writing a Line of Code

Prototyping provides a better proof of concept

Understanding your product provides a better user experience in the end. Prototyping before coding gives non-technical business people the upper hand because they will usually do a lot work and have a clearer vision of what they want before a single line of code is written. This creates less chances of second-guessing the actual concept when the project is actually under development and the coding begins.

Prototyping reduces time spent refining the product

When prototyping your product you’re able to flush out ideas, pivot when necessary, and spend more time refining the product before an actual line of code is written or thought about. This will eventually save you money if you hire or outsource the technical entrepreneur involved in building out your app.

Prototyping is easy to learn and cost-effective

When you have an idea for an app and you don’t know where to start prototyping is the answer because of the lower cost when it comes to breaking down any barriers to entry. You can pay less than $20 a month for one of the most robust prototyping solutions out there. Something this cheap makes it easy for everyone to prototype their next big idea.

Prototyping significantly lowers the cost of building your product

The joys of prototyping come in multiple forms with costs being one of them. Prototyping your app and really flushing out ideas will significantly lower your software development costs because you’ll already get the kinks out of the way. You will already be past the pivoting stage and your developer will have a clear and concise idea of what the app looks like and the functionality behind each piece.

Prototyping allows you to work quickly and efficiently on your next big idea

Imagine a world where non-technical entrepreneurs can quickly and efficiently take the idea they’ve been holding onto for months and have a place where they can build out a functioning prototype and start pitching their idea around to local groups and market validation and user testing without having to find someone technical? Prototyping allows you to do just that.

Whether you’re in it as a get rich quick scheme or you’re in it to win, learn, and be merry, prototyping is the right choice.

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