The People Behind the Scenes.

The team that works to make the dream work.

Annee Ngo


Founder, President

Avid outdoorswoman and keen for adventure, Annee spent the first years of her career starting businesses from scratch. Her first success story was GH Nutrition Inc. where she served as CEO and exited after the small retail brand grew into a franchise. In her exploration of business in tech, she attended her first ProtoHack in Seattle. In love with the mission, she pioneered their International City Director program and Upon launching our label white experiences, was asked to become a Co-Founder. She now serves as the President and spends considerable time sharing her insights and experience as a founder and influencer of growth for several startups.

Rukshana Hassanali


Vice President

Rukshana is a growth hacker that specializes in all things digital. Previously, she led brand marketing at PressReader and founded BC Psychological Assocation's 'Piece of Mind'. As our VP at ProtoHack, she leads consumer voice, brand, and messaging as well as integrates data, testing, and proofing into every part of our process. Ruks is obsessed with all things design and artsy. You can find her at your local art gallery and design studios.

Amos Schorr


Director of ProtoHack University

Amos has a been a part of the ProtoHack team for over three years, leading the charge in NYC. His passion and commitment to community is what's allowed him to pioneer the ProtoHack U program. He continues to pave the way for some of the best and creative innovation experiences on the east coast, including the first ever 'ProtoHack Evil Genius' -- conveniently hosted on Halloween.

Anselm D’Souza


Director of Cities, US & Canada

Anselm's story with ProtoHack begins as a Top 3 participant in 2015. His tact, professionalism, and knack for problem solving has proven him to be a great volunteer and then Director to our most robust city, Vancouver. His transition into the role as the Director of Cities, US & Canada is just the next step in his career with ProtoHack.

Danilo Correia


Director of Cities, International

Danilo is an aspiring entrepreneur and active player in a number of international startup ecosystems. His roots are in Brazil, but he has a way of communicating exactly what ProtoHack is in every culture around the world. His enthusiasm for bringing this experience to every city on earth makes him a true ProtoHack Evangelist and the best Director of Cities, International we could ever have asked for. He led the expansion of ProtoHack into Brazil - first in Sao Paolo and then in Belo Horizonte.